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    Rules and Guidelines


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    Rules and Guidelines

    Post by lightningsparks on Tue May 03, 2016 7:44 pm

    Welcome to the Homework Help forum. There is a few things you need to know about this forum so that you no problems will be caused.

    1.) Be nice to others. If someone needs help with something, help them with the problem and don't be mean or argue. For example: When someone needs help with some questions from a book, don't post any of these: Read the book yourself" Or "do it your self" or "your too lazy, do your own work"!

    2.) Explain your problem thoroughly and explain at least a little bit about what you tried to do or what you have done so we will know where you messed up so we can explain the problem to you and help you better.

    3.) Have patience. If you need to, after 24 hours you can bump your post for attention. But only have 24 hours are up. There will at least be one - two people watching this forum at all times and helping as many people as we can with their problems.

    4.) Don't spam. Don't write spam or get into it.

    This is all that I can come up with right now but good luck with all your problems. Smile
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